Benefits of Concrete Driveways

Winter weather takes a terrible toll on your driveway. Ice, snow. Freezing. Melting. Freezing. Melting. Then more ice and snow and the same freeze/melt cycle. Asphalt takes a terrible beating, not only from the temperatures and precipitation but the treatments we use to make the driveway passable. Road salt, sand, kitty litter – you name [Read More]

How Concrete Retaining Walls Can Help Your Backyard

When we design the backyard of our dreams, with gently rolling slopes surrounding the flower beds, we need to consider one concern that can ruin landscaping – erosion. Water and wind will move soil downhill, creating a mucky mess that destroy all of the beauty. Heavy rain or a hurricane can undo a lot of [Read More]

What’s the Difference Between A Concrete & Ashpalt Driveway?

If you are considering a new driveway, choosing between concrete and asphalt can be a tough decisions. Each material has its own benefits and setbacks and will affect the look and longevity of your driveway. With summer right around the corner, how do you know which material is right for your driveway? Here are some [Read More]

Is Temperature a Concern When Considering Concrete?

Aren’t you glad you don’t have to know the answer to that question? Your local Concrete Craft franchisee knows everything about concrete and cold weather and the best time for installation in your area. So, if you’re looking to enhance your home with stained, stamped and resurfaced decorative concrete, don’t concern yourself with the temperature outside, [Read More]

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