Pool Patios

We have many years of experience building beautiful pool patios. Our professional team and our passion for our work make us specialists in pool construction. ESPJ Construction offers you the most pool patio design flexibility in terms of color, texture and pattern. We will work with you to create the perfect outdoor living area. We provide a professional and reliable service along with the creative touch that has earned us several awards. ESPJ Construction offers a variety of pool patio styles including concrete pavers, stamped concrete, and colored concrete.

Concrete Pavers  are a great option for pool patios because they are durable, slip-resistant and can resemble the beauty of natural stone or brick without the hassle of maintenance.

Stamped Concrete has the natural ability to resemble other building materials, making it a less expensive alternative, with minimal maintenance. ESPJ can design and install beautiful stamped concrete pool patios that can resemble natural slate, flagstone or brick.

Among the top benefits of having Colored Concrete for a pool patio is that the process often makes the concrete more durable and stain-resistant. Additionally, the concrete can be stained or dyed, which can help your pool patio withstand UV rays and enhance patterns and colors.


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